Tribulation and Israel’s Expectation – Part 7

This seventh article focuses on Israel’s expectation of tribulation and how and why that might include the Gentiles. In God’s plan to be the God of all the nations he exhibits long-suffering with Israel’s descendants though they profane his name among the nations where he has dispersed them. Yet he will achieve all that he’s set his hand to do by including the Gentiles in greater promises than those given to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel).

Tribulation and Israel’s Expectation – Part 5

As we continue to look at expectations about the tribulation we see examples of a pattern familiar to NT Christians; firstfruits and latter fruits of the kingdom. This pattern was not revealed to the prophet Daniel, but was hidden within the mystery of God in Christ. Yet Daniel sees the fulfillment of the 5th and everlasting kingdom for his people. In what way do these fit together?

Tribulation and Israel’s Expectation – Part 3

As we continue to look at expectations about the tribulation we see a distinction between a righteous remnant in Israel and the those cutoff due to unbelief. This is a distinction we must understand if we’re to see the role of tribulation for both groups.

Tribulation and Israel’s Expectation – Part 1

When looking at two expectations about the tribulation by Jewish scholars prior to the incarnation and ministry of Jesus Christ, we can see an obvious correlation to Christ’s kingdom-building work for Jew and Gentile alike. This correlation is outlined for us by the Apostle Paul.

The Scope of the Tribulation¬†– An Introduction

When considering the scope of the tribulation of the latter days, there are many directions one can take as to how to approach it. There is insight to be gained by understanding the perspective of Jewish authors of Late Second Temple Judaism regarding the tribulation, as they would communicate expectations for the coming Messiah, and impact how he was received by them.

What is the Kingdom of Priests?

In this article we continue by looking briefly into the work of Yeshua the Christ and his kingdom-building process, beginning with the kingdom of the priests. There is a process to kingdom-building, and it begins with the King and High Priest, whose example and preeminence clear the way for those who will follow as heirs of the glory given by God the Father.