Asking God: Discovery Series

Many bible studies focus on various topics and messages of the gospel and expand their discussion to relevant authoritative, historical, or social contexts. This is useful since it provides a broader context for understanding scripture.

What’s needed though is moving the discussion to a deeper context rather than a broader one. We’ll continue to work from the topics and messages as a starting point. However, our goal is to move the discussion in such a way as to expose the oftentimes hidden purpose, methods, and goals, which are buried underneath the work that God and his Christ are engaged in. In doing so we can be more effective and fruitful in our knowledge of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ (Yeshua) (2 Peter 1:2-11).

We’ll use a few methods to achieve this;

  1. Ask God challenging questions and accept the clear answers provided in scripture.
  2. Take the time to identify and validate any presupposition upon which our view of that answer is based. This process is based on the assurance that as children of God we have access to the Father through Christ (Ephesian 2:11-22; 3:7-12), and that the work of the Holy Spirit will lead us into the knowledge of God (1 Corinthians 2:6-16; Ephesians 3:14-19).
  3. Be willing to follow the knowledge and wisdom of God, as it’s revealed by the Holy Spirit, to wherever it leads. (John 15:26; 16:13-15)

The Discovery Series is a no-cost Bible study program that digs into the riches and wisdom of the knowledge of God.

It’s intended for those who are serious about their calling in Christ, willing to ask the challenging questions, and equally willing to follow the Holy Spirit to the answers revealed in scripture.

Purpose In The Stars


The purpose and will of God is consistent with his character. He is proactive, faithful, and committed to achieving all he has set his hand to accomplish. This is evidenced in that he gave his only beloved Son for the remission of sin and for the gift of eternal life. There is, however, more to the story than just redemption.

Into the Unknown


The methods God uses are as varied as the people, places, and events involved. He has all the resources of heaven and earth, all things created, by which he can accomplish his will. The methods employed often involve a process and can span millennia.

Tree of Shade


The underlying goals of God are not evident through a superficial reading of the scriptures. These must be mined from all its context. Clues are there, and together with a broader understanding of his purpose and methods, they begin to be more evident.

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