Asking God: Discovery Series

Into the Unknown

These articles dig deeper, challenge presuppositions, and seek to understand God’s underlying purpose, methods, and goals. The Holy Spirit will be our primary guide into this more unfiltered view of Scripture. When understood better, it leads to what the Apostle Paul calls the breadth and length and height and depth of comprehension (Ephesians 3:14-19).

What is the Mystery of God?

First part in the Discovery Series on the Mystery of God. In order to understand it more thoroughly we must begin by defining it. This includes seeking to understand its scope and how it is characterized.

How Does the Mystery of God Relate to Israel?

We continue to follow the lead of scripture behind the mystery of God. It’s revealing a common faith that connects the called and chosen in Israel with the called and chosen of the Gentiles.

What are the Origins of the Mystery of God?

We continue in part-4 of the mystery of God. Next we want to delve deeper into the origins of this connection between Israel and the Gentiles. It may seem obvious where this will lead, but let’s let scripture and the Holy Spirit guide us.

When is the Mystery of God Fulfilled?

To answer the question of when the mystery of God is fulfilled, we’ll want to focus on several key events that occur as Jesus Christ returns to establish his kingdom on earth.

In This Way All Israel Will Be Saved

Our focus in this article is to note the process and methods God is using to achieve the salvation for Israel and Judah. Though Israel and the Jews were put to shame and brought upon themselves correction from the Lord, God’s people will be called to return to him, and he will show them mercy and grace as they’ve never seen before. However, although all Israel will be saved, it doesn’t require that they all be saved in the same manner and along the same path.

Is There a Third Temple to be Built in Jerusalem?

This discussion focuses on looking at the underlying purpose for the destruction of the first two temples; it’s derived from God’s correction upon Judah for their failure to keep their covenant with him. This occurred first when Israel(1) (the Northern kingdom) was taken captive and dispersed. Judah (the Southern kingdom) experienced this dispersion twice; onceContinue reading “Is There a Third Temple to be Built in Jerusalem?”

The Role of Judas in the Mystery of God

When considering how lost Judas is, one approach is to view his role in a larger context – the Mystery of God. Not familiar with that context? Come and see what scripture has to reveal.

How do the examples of God’s deliverance relate to his work in Christ Jesus?

In this article, let’s continue to look deeper into 2 Peter 2 and examine the other examples of God’s deliverance cited there. Peter’s objective is not just to show how God is able to rescue the Godly from trials, it’s also to show his power to restrain the wicked sufficiently so that the whole world throughout time is not engulfed in wickedness until his work in Christ Jesus is underway.

What is the hour of trial brought upon the world?

The answer to the article’s title depends primarily on what presuppositions are held about the events to which the hour of trial might point. A larger context for understanding these verses comes from the vision and the vision-giver who is revealing the things that have been, the things that are, and those things yet to come (Revelation 1:19).