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The Rapture Question: An Unfiltered View

A Guide to Discovery for the Children of Light

About the Author

As your guide, I count myself among the many Spirit-led disciples of Christ who, over millennia, have individually committed decades of their adult lives to the study, knowledge, and wisdom of God made
accessible to them by the gift of his Holy Spirit.

I have observed that it’s the proper utilization of God’s Holy Spirit which leads one from seeing through a glass darkly, to a more unfiltered view of the work and gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is this unfiltered view which forms the basis of this book, as it seeks to bring the modern Christian ever closer to Christ’s underlying purpose as understood by the original authors of scripture.

About the Book

For the Christian, putting on the mind of Christ means to have a shift in values and a shift in world view, or more precisely, our view of the world. It also means to have a shift in our God view – how we see and understand God, the purpose behind his work, and the methods by which he achieves it.

The goal of this book is to begin that challenging process. It serves as a guide to light the ever-deepening pathways of purpose that lie beneath the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

The context of our walk is the return of our Lord and the rapture of his saints. However, it’s greater value lies in addressing a broader scope of related topics in an effort to address the numerous presuppositions which typically cloud our view. These related topics include:

  • The role and purpose for those called and chosen by God
  • God’s will for Israel – all twelve tribes, and the methods he employs to achieve it
  • The nature and scope of the mystery of God
  • The distinctions between the Great Tribulation and God’s wrath
  • Christ’s kingdom-building process
  • The role imminence plays in our Lord’s return
  • What lies underneath Christ’s command to be not deceived
  • A glimpse into a fundamental work that lies beneath God’s redemptive work in Christ

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