As Part of the Body of Christ.

Though admittedly I can not count myself in the ranks of modern academics schooled in theology at seminary, I do count myself among the many Spirit-led disciples of Christ who’ve individually committed decades of their adult lives to the study, knowledge, and wisdom of God made accessible to them by the gift of his Holy Spirit.

Each Christian has to find his/her part in the Body of Christ. Mine is focused on challenging and guiding fellow Christians into a deeper knowledge of God, his work, his will, and his overall purpose. My primary methods will be through books, blogs, and virtual or personal events.

I recognize I’m not the whole body so I welcome collaboration with others in the Body of Christ; each contributing his/her part to edify the whole. I’ve dedicated a segment of this site to that effort under the heading; Many Parts.

I follow the example of the apostle Paul, who because he was able to work, did not rely on the body of believers to support his ministry. Likewise I will not make requests for money or donations to this ministry. I suggest you extend whatever gift you might be inclined to give to those in need of food, shelter, and clothing.