Israel – The Descendants of Jacob

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Scripture speaks repeatedly about the plans God has for the descendants of Jacob (Israel). The apostle Paul provides a clear overview of God’s intent to unite them with the Gentile nations now being called to Christ. Theirs is a connection based on faith, grounded in hope, and looking forward to the return of our Lord and the completion of his work in them. Here, and in the Discovery Series, we’ll dig into the purpose, methods, and goals of Christ’s work for the faithful in Israel and the world.

What is the Real Connection between Israel and the Church?

In this article we look at God’s redemptive work in Christ through the topical framework of the kingdom of God. To do this, we review Christ’s kingdom-building process through the ages with the nation of Israel and with those who were not a people – the Gentiles. What we find is that the hopes of Israel and those faithful in Christ appear to point to a common destination.

Is there a difference between inheriting the Kingdom of God and dwelling in it?

The difference between inheriting the Kingdom of God and dwelling in it is derived from noticing the various characteristics used to describe the kingdom throughout the Bible. In some cases, these references are clearly physical and of the earth, while others are clearly spiritual and of the heavenly realm. This article looks at these differences and connects them with the will of God and his work in Christ.

In addition to these articles, discover more about how God plans to conclude his work in Israel and the world during his earthly kingdom reign.

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