The filter through which you see the world.

Presuppositions are the paradigms (glasses) through which we filter our view of the world, our view of God, and our understanding of his word.

As mortals we’re constrained by the five dimensions of our reality; three spatial dimensions, time, and thought (mind). This greatly limits our ability to see and understand the things of God. Yet as Christians we’re given access to the Holy Spirit of God. If we’re willing, that Spirit will guide our understanding into the knowledge and truth of God. What’s required of us is the willingness to strip away what we think we know about our world, our future, and the very God who directs all things according to his sovereign righteousness.

By addressing our presuppositions we move both thought and discussion to the deeper, underlying will and purpose of God. It is in the consistent, reliable, and trustworthy will of God that our wisdom must be based. His faithfulness and commitment to complete what he has started is the basis for our framework, the foundation of our understanding.