Resurrection – the Bridge between Death and Judgment

We look further into the relationship resurrection has to Christ’s new creation work by addressing how it bridges death and judgment. Death is where we perish if we do not have our confidence and faith in Christ. It’s not the first death in which the unbeliever perishes, but in the second death. That is the death Christ gave his life to save all from. Although the Great White Throne judgment’s description in Revelation 20 is abbreviated, there’s greater detail available in both Testaments. Come and see.

How many resurrections are spoken of in scripture?

The two resurrections we’re most familiar with; the resurrection of the faithful, and a later resurrection of the unjust, are not the full story. There is another harvest spoken of for the disobedient in Israel, God’s chosen people. We get a hint of it in Paul’s Letter to the Romans. The Apostle Paul understands God’s plan for Israel; to redeem it from exile, restoration and a new covenant (Jeremiah 31), and even their deliverance as the earth gives birth to the dead (Isaiah 26). There is a clear and definitive purpose for this. Come and see what that purpose is.

Isn’t the Philadelphia church promised, by Christ himself, deliverance from the hour of trial?

This question is based on the promise of Christ to the Philadelphia congregation recorded in Revelation 3. Christ is surely reminded of his warning to his disciples regarding their treatment in the world. How they would be handed over to death and hated for his name’s sake. In all this tribulation they are encouraged to endure patiently, thereby securing their salvation.

Is There a Third Temple to be Built in Jerusalem?

This discussion focuses on looking at the underlying purpose for the destruction of the first two temples; it’s derived from God’s correction upon Judah for their failure to keep their covenant with him. This occurred first when Israel(1) (the Northern kingdom) was taken captive and dispersed. Judah (the Southern kingdom) experienced this dispersion twice; onceContinue reading “Is There a Third Temple to be Built in Jerusalem?”

Isn’t it true that none of the Old Testament passages about the Great Tribulation mention the church?

By identifying the work the Lord is doing to unify the faithful in Israel with the faithful Gentiles through his redemptive work, it becomes clear that there is no expectation that those called into Christ should be mentioned at all in the Old Testament. That they are mentioned indirectly maintains the mystery of God, yet enables God to be glorified by fulfilling his work in Christ and his promise to Abraham.